The Trevor Wittman Gloves Latest Innovation in Boxing Protective Equipment

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The ONX Sports Trevor Wittman gloves are the latest innovation in boxing protective equipment. These innovative pieces of kit have influenced the field with their impressive engineering and unique designs. In addition to being supportive and comfortable, they also reduce the risk of accidental eye pokes, a problem that many fighters face during fights. They are able to prevent this problem with their advanced designs, which is good news for boxing fans.

Trevor Wittman Gloves

The design of the Trevor Wittman gloves is unique in that they allow the fighter to bend his fist back naturally, rather than allowing it to curl out. This gives the fighter more protection and minimizes eye-pokes. Though these gloves aren’t officially endorsed by the UFC, they’ve made a splash in the MMA world. The first pair of these coaching mitts were debuted by welterweight Rashad Evans in early 2020 on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Ideal for Fighters

The curved shape of Trevor Wittman’s MMA gloves is also unique. They allow a fighter to pull back their power knuckles and not break their wrist. Because of this design, these gloves are ideal for fighters that use grappling and ground fighting. They come under the ONX Sports brand and come with a lifetime warranty. So, if you are looking for a high-quality MMA glove, then consider buying these!

Confidence and Accuracy

The curved design of the Trevor Wittman gloves makes them a much better choice for fighters. They don’t force the fingers to open. In fact, they fit in a more natural position than those from his fighting company. This innovation is designed to partner with the UFC and become an integral part of the UFC’s training and competition gear. Therefore, the gloves are designed for the sport. In the end, these gloves make it possible for fighters to perform in the ring with confidence and accuracy.

UFC Spokesperson Has

The UFC’s new gloves have a new look that is more comfortable for the fighters. The UFC has also begun to take the new look of the Trevor Wittman boxing glove. Currently, this change is in progress. A UFC spokesperson has stated that “he wants to be more flexible than their competitors,” so he can fight in a more fluid way. The other benefit is that the gloves are more durable.

Risk of Breaking Their Wrists

Unlike other MMA gloves, Trevor Wittman’s gloves do not poke the eyes, so they’re a much better option for those who want to avoid eye pokes. They allow fighters to use their power knuckles without the risk of breaking their wrists. If you’re a fighter looking for an edged glove, check out the latest models from ONX Sports. You’ll be glad you did!

Wood’s Tattoo

The Trevor Wittman gloves are designed to help a fighter fight with better alignment. The weight of the knuckles is also shifted forward and can lead to a break in the wrist. The UFC is now looking to sell the rights to T.Wood’s tattoo, and they aren’t a bad deal. The only problem with T.Wood’s tattoo?

Gripping Techniques

Despite their new style, the gloves’ designers are not the only innovations in the MMA market. The company’s latest models have rounded thumbs to prevent eye pokes, and the lace is internal, which means that it won’t expose any part of the hand. Besides that, MMA gloves have been developed to help fighters with their gripping techniques. They also offer protection from excessive pressure on the fingers and the metacarpal.

Long History of Quality

During the interview, Wittman explained that the UFC’s gloves allow fighters to extend their fingers and prevent eye-pokes. Moreover, they also prevent injuries to the wrists and fingers. The new Trevor Wittman MMA glove has a long history of quality. The new ones are handcrafted by a veteran athlete with a proven track record. Aside from the durability, they also come with a lifetime guarantee.

With Greater Power and Agility

Despite its price, the MMA Trevor Wittman gloves are well-designed and durable. The new MMA glove allows fighters to firmly align their fist and arm, allowing them to strike with their hands with greater power and agility. In addition to their lightweight advantages, the Trevor Wittman MMA gloves are surprisingly easy to clean. And unlike most of the other MMA gloves, they are incredibly easy to clean.

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