Strong vs Weak Golf Grip: What Are the Differences?

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strong vs weak golf grip

If you know and care about pro golfing, you’ll know that there are right and wrong ways to hold a golf club. The types of golf grips include the ten-finger, overlapping, and interlocking grips. They can also be further broken down into a strong or weak golf grip.

How you hold and swing your golf club will determine things like distance, power, and accuracy. As such, it’s important to know what type of grip you’re using and if changing it can help.

Here’s what you need to know about a strong vs weak golf grip and what they mean.

Strong vs Weak Golf Grip Differences

Technically speaking, you can classify your golf grip into three categories: strong, neutral, and weak. As the names imply, they refer to how much grip strength you’re utilizing. Neutral is often said to be the best one for most golfers, but there are times you may want to switch your grip.

What Is a Strong Golf Grip?

With a strong golf grip, both hands are positioned too far to the right. Because your hands are too active, this can result in a hook shot out to the left.

For most people, this means that your shots will be too inconsistent in both strike and direction. However, it also means that you’ll be able to turn a club much easier.

People who struggle with slicing the ball may need to strengthen their grip.

What Is a Weak Golf Grip?

A weak golf grip has the hands positioned opposite those of a strong one. The hands are too far left, which results in a lazy release. This makes it difficult to move your hands and too easy to over-rotate your club.

The club won’t square up properly, and you may end up with push shots or slices. You may benefit from a weaker grip if you’re struggling with a hook shot, though.

Practicing Your Grip and Swing

If you’re struggling with your swing, it may be your grip that needs adjustment. For example, weakening your grip can help if you’re hooking the golf ball. The end goal should be adopting a neutral grip.

While a neutral grip may not feel as natural, it allows you to strengthen or weaken your grip as needed. It’s also easy to learn with the right instructor.

You can visit one of the top 25 municipal courses in the country to practice your swing. These are all places that offer a large range to hone your skills.

Improve Your Game

Knowing the difference between a strong vs weak golf grip can make all the difference in your game. The ability to switch between them can make your shots more accurate and ease the strain on your arms. It’s also important to know how to adopt a neutral grip as you gain more golfing experience.

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