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 The Italian government latest news in Hindi is taking drastic measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus after it became the symbol of the epidemic last year. It has ordered a national lockdown and issued a list of health risks, according to the color-coded system. Over 80% of the adult population over the age of 12 have been vaccinated. However, this does not mean that the entire population can go outside without a mask or a face mask.

Italian Doctors

A new article claims that Italian doctors have discovered the secret behind the coronavirus crisis. The authors claim that the WHO is planning to mislead people about the disease so they can vaccinate everyone and thus reduce the world’s population. While there have been multiple claims on treatments and the origin of the disease, one article makes the case that the outbreak is the result of a much deeper issue.

Vaccination Guidelines in Italy

Several changes to the vaccination guidelines in Italy have resulted in a revised version of the existing measures to protect the population from the outbreak of COVID-19. One such change is the cancellation of quarantine for individuals who have received two doses of the vaccines. However, these vaccinations must have occurred 120 days before contact with the patient. If you does not vaccinated against the new coronavirus, you should consult your doctor about your options.

Stricter Health Controls

Following has new regulations in Italy, the cabinet of ministers has decided to eliminate the mandatory quarantine for those who have been inoculated with three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The changes also result in stricter health controls for those who have not been inoculated with the necessary vaccines. The eradication of the quarantine measures will allow more people to travel to Italy without the need to be quarantined.

Public Effectively

The Italian government rushed to fight the Ebola virus, putting the nation’s population at risk. While the Italian government was quick to take sweeping measures, it failed to communicate the danger to the public effectively. The lockdown in Italy included loopholes that made the virus spread far more easily. In addition, the Italian government failed to communicate the threat effectively. Its actions were based on limited evidence.

Outbreak Started

The country was able to put a lockdown in place to protect its citizens. The lockdown was imposed on 23 March, and there were 107,571 new infections reported every day. Since the outbreak started, the number of deaths has risen by 330 percent. The number of patients has also increased by 22 percent in Italy. Although the disease is a threat to the population, the government is preparing for the worst.

Infections Skyrocketed

The country’s Prime Minister Sergio Conte blocked flights to China to contain the disease. In the past week, the number of cases reported in Italy had tripled, with 102,571 new cases reported each day. The death toll jumped 22 percent and the number of infections skyrocketed 330 percent. While the numbers are still rising, the Italian government is trying to protect its citizens.

High-Level Group

In the last week, the country has seen one more Covid 19 case, making the total count now at 42. A number of CISF personnel were reportedly affected virus, which was also reported in Assam. The government has set up a task force to address the problem. The task force is supposed to make recommendations on the lockdown. In the meantime, the High-level Group of Ministers reviewed the preparedness of all countries in the region.

Delhi And Karnataka

The number of people quarantined has reached 40, and there are reports of another 38 cases. The number of cases in the country has increased rapidly in the last few months, with the latest cases occurring in Delhi and Karnataka. The ICMR has concluded that there is no community transmission of the coronavirus in the country. But, the report says that the virus  transmitted from one individual to another.

Death Toll

The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Italy is now at 6,328,076. During the same period, 5,119,893 people have recovered. In Italy, the death toll due to the virus is at 137. The number of people in Turkey has increased from zero to 33,520 in the last 24 hours. The fatality rate is 0.9 percent. The deaths in Italy and Turkey have largely attributed to the media’s lack of awareness about the virus.

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