Christine Dacera – Rape Slaying Investigation Initiated

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Christine Dacera flight attendant who had just graduated from the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UP Mindanao) in 2017. She was a dancer and a performing artist. After graduating from UP Mindanao, she has hired by PAL Express, a unit of Philippine Airlines. She was a loving sister and filial daughter. Her death, which have confirmed by an autopsy conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Friday, was a tragic loss for the airline industry and her family. The funeral service took place on Thursday, January 24, and she has buried on Sunday.

During the funeral, her family and friends called for the truth to be told and justice to done. The flight attendant’s family and friends have expressed shock and sadness. They said the Philippines must do everything it can to protect young women from abuse and death. They have lost the right to operate a hotel in Mindanao and they are still mourning her death. However, they are confident that Dacera’s family is doing everything it can to help them and her family grieve in peace.

Privacy For Their Families

A rape slaying investigation has a initiated after Christine Dacera’s body have found on January 7, 2021. The family of the victim, Nicole Travilla Revisa, has claimed that her daughter was the

christine dacera flight attendant

only one who listened to the alleged rape slaying. During the investigation, the victims’ last companions were not allowed to speak to the media. The family has also asked for privacy for their families.

After her death, the investigation team has released three suspects. During the investigation, the investigators will try to determine whether Dacera has  raped or not. The alleged perpetrator was a friend of Dacera’s. It’s also unclear if the hotel manager knew the alleged rape suspect and was aware of it. The case is still under investigation. In the meantime, the Commission on Human Rights says that it is “deeply concerned” and will conduct its own probe.

The PNP’s rape investigation of Dacera’s death is still ongoing, but a friend says that the details of the second autopsy are confidential. Brick Reyes, a family spokesperson, says that there is no evidence in the case. The second autopsy has conducted a few days before her death. But the PNP has not yet released details of the second autopsy. Despite the absence of concrete evidence, the case remains open and the victims’ families must be freed from the guilt.

christine dacera flight attendant

The Police Investigation Continues

In an online article, Christine Dacera’s mother wrote: “The incident occurred after a phone call, and the woman’s mother has stated that it was a suicide.” The slain victim’s parents have not been able to confirm the exact cause of death. Nevertheless, they are attempting to find the killer of Christine Dacera. In the meantime, the police investigation continues.

According to her mother, the deceased had asked for permission from her mother to celebrate the New Year with her workmates, but her family believed she was celebrating the holiday with a group of friends. The 11 people were a mix of gays and bisexuals, and Dacera was checked into a hotel with Rommel Galida, Gregorio de Guzman, and John dela Serna.

It Urged Readers To Investigate The Deaths

The death of christine dacera flight attendant has created a lot of questions, particularly about the rape-slain theory. Despite the allegations of a murder-suicide, a libel-sady PAL Express has issued a statement seeking answers. It urged readers to investigate the deaths of the two female flight attendants and to seek justice for their loved ones.

The death of the Filipina flight attendant has become a controversial issue in the Philippines. The AP reports that the incident has resulted in a rape-suicide case. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that the 11 men were involved in the murder. The prosecutor’s office said, “The investigation is continuing. The charges filed against them withdrawn.” There was no further information on the cause of the death of the Filipina.

As the investigation continues, Christine’s family has called for a second autopsy after the initial findings of natural causes. The investigation team argues that Dacera had several abrasions, deep lacerations and bruises in her private areas. The alleged perpetrators have not found guilty. If you have any information regarding the incident, you can share it with the AP. If you’d like to read the full report, visit their website.


Christine Dacera, A Filipino Flight Attendant,Has Found Dead In A Bathtub On Monday

On New Year’s Day, 23-year-old Christine Dacera has found dead in a bathtub in a hotel. It believed that she has gang-raped. She was in the Philippines celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Makati City, where she was a flight attendant. Her body have found on Monday, but it is unclear whether she has raped or simply drowned.

Police say they have no idea how Dacera died, but a friend of the family claims the body fluid found in the bathtub is from the alleged rape. A PNP spokesperson says the investigation is ongoing and the case is not closed, but the case remains open. The victim’s mother said that her daughter didn’t deserve a rape slaying, and two of her last companions denied calling it one. In an Instagram story, another witness recalled seeing Dacera on New Year’s Eve. She ended up being the bearer of bad news.

The case of Christine Dacera has become a symbol for misogyny and the rot in the justice system, and has highlighted the incompetence of the police in this case. The police report deemed Dacera as a “victim” of rape but did not shed more light. The investigation is ongoing. The autopsy is pending. The funeral for Christine Dacera will be held on Monday, February 18.

But Her Death Has Shocked Many People

A second autopsy has ordered after the initial one was ruled as natural. The family and lawyers of the surviving suspects have filed a provisional charge of rape with homicide. The death of Christine Dacera has fueled controversy in the Philippines and the US. The family of the deceased has left with no witnesses or answers, but her death has shocked many people. It’s unclear what caused her to die, but the mystery behind her death remains largely a mystery.

Her mother had told her that her daughter has being investigated for sexual harassment. The family said that Christine Dacera was a “very nice girl” but that she was having an affair. The incident is still under investigation, but the family is trying to find answers. It has not revealed what led to the suicide. The investigation has found a ‘love’ for the deceased. The investigation continues, and the investigation is now ongoing.

Case of A Sexual Harassment

On New Year’s Eve, Christine Dacera’s family said that she have not sexually harassed, but she would have told her parents if she has abused. Several of her friends had even started hashtags for drunk girls to avoid being abused. However, the case is still under investigation. It’s unclear whether the alleged perpetrators were the same men, or if it was a case of a sexual harassment.

The investigation into Dacera’s death has not revealed any evidence of sexual assault, although a number of witnesses have suggested that Dacera’s alleged attackers had used drugs to kill her. The police report has declared her a victim of a rape, but she was not present when the attack occurred. On January 1, a friend of Dacera’s allegedly sexually assaulted her and later died.

In the film, the actress is shown kissing a male in the bathtub while another female is seen standing over her. The two were unaware of each other and Dacera have not sexually assaulted by the men. Her body has dragged by a male’s legs while she has in the bathtub. In the film, she is still unconscious. But after she kissed a man, she went back to her hotel room and has found unconscious.

Last Phone Call to Her Mother

Her body has found a few hours after she made her last phone call to her mother. Her family spokesman, Brick Reyes, revealed that Dacera’s death was a “rape slay” and that the police have released three suspects. Nine other suspects remain at large. The investigation continues, and the autopsy results have expected soon. After her death, the entire Philippine Airlines community mourned the loss of a beloved flight attendant.

Her family has a strong message for the suspects in the case. The victim’s parents and family members are unable to speak about their daughter’s death. The suspects are still at large, and the police have not released any further information. It is possible that the perpetrators were in a hurry to rob Dacera and steal her wallet. Despite these concerns, it is important to remember that the victims of this crime were not only criminals, but also people of high status and repute.

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