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If you are a homeowner in Utah who wants to sell their home without an agent and still list on the multiple listing service, you can consider a flat fee MLS Utah service. This will not just help you save 3% of the listing agent’s commission but also amplify your visibility.

However, it is noteworthy that using a flat fee MLS Utah service means you are virtually giving up an agent’s full support. Also, not every real estate company or website offers the same level of service for an affordable price. 

To help you pick the ideal option for you, we have outlined the top flat fee MLS Utah companies. Here’s a rundown:

  1. Intermountain Properties

If you wish to list on MLS for a flat fee that is affordable then Intermountain Properties is a good option. This is a preferable service for budget-conscious sellers. 

There are two packages, which are more affordable compared to other flat fee MLS Utah services. There is also a feature to add some a la carte options. 

Customers who have used this service have overwhelmingly positive things to say. They especially rave about the strong assistance they got while selling their house and the amount they saved in the process. 

Do note that Intermountain Properties charges 0.1% of whatever you decide to offer the buyer’s agent at closing. 

The packages are as follows:

Basic MLS @99: This is a decent package for sellers who have sold a house before because it is a very bare bones package that includes a basic 1-month MLS listing, 10 photos, and syndication on other websites. 

Premium MLS @179: This is an attractive deal for sellers who are comfortable doing the negotiations by themselves but want a little guidance throughout the sale process. Besides the MLS listing, sellers can request pricing assistance, have someone eyeball your closing documents and sign all the documents online.

  1. Houzeo

Houzeo is a national company that you can use to list on MLS for flat fee. It is available in nearly all American states. It is 100% online and its online dashboard has some great reviews.

Houzeo is an option worth considering if you don’t see a package that perfectly fits your bill. The company lets you customize all plans that are above the Bronze tier. However, do note that it is not a local real estate brokerage and hence might not be as knowledgeable about the local Utah market. 

The company provides the service of reviewing buyer offers and counteroffers but does not provide any negotiation services. 

Houzeo packages are as follows:

Bronze @259: This is a basic package that lets you list on MLS for flat fee for 3 months. It allows 6 photos but you can’t add additional services. 

Silver @299: This is a decent option for homeowners who are experienced and seeking convenience. Besides a 6-month MLS listing and 24 photos, sellers can also pick an escrow agent and make 10 free changes to their listing. There are certain add-ons available too.

Gold @399: In addition to everything from the silver plan, the gold package also lets you add a maximum number of photos and disclosure documents.

  1. ARI Realty

Rather than a flat fee, ARI Realty levies a flat rate. The company provides comprehensive service at a good discount relative to other local alternatives for inexperienced sellers. Plus, cancellation, at any time, is free. 

Even better, when working with ARI Realty, you get a transaction coordinator to assist with the negotiations and intricacies of the closing process. 

Customers who have worked with the company in the past spoke highly about its customer service. They mentioned that the company was remarkably responsive and available to answer questions at all times. 

There’s only one standard service that charges a flat rate of 0.5% on the home sale price. So, for instance, if you sell your home for $250,000, you will pay ARI Realty $1,250, which is relatively more than what other companies charge. 

Nonetheless, this package has everything from market analysis to assisting with the negotiation and even eDoc signing, saving inexperienced sellers a lot of hassle and time. 

Final Word

Flat fee MLS companies are a good option for homeowners who are not first-time sellers and possess significant experience in real estate transactions and are comfortable selling without an agent. 

You should be confident that you can handle nearly every aspect of the sale, which would otherwise be taken care of by an agent. If you want to list your house “for sale by owner”, it is worth investing in a decent flat fee MLS listing. 

However, note that selling a home without an agent involves a great deal of work and time. You will need to do a majority of the tasks such as pricing, listing, marketing, and negotiations on your own. And yes, even if you won’t pay the listing agent’s fee, you most probably will still have to pay for the buyer’s agent commission. 

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