Five Serious Signs You’re Due for a Commercial Roof Replacement

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Whether you’re one of the 31 million small businesses that operate in the United States or run a multi-million dollar corporation, ensuring that your building is in prime condition is essential to your success.

Though the inside of your commercial warehouse or storefront may be organized and immaculate, keeping your exterior up to par is essential. One element of your building that often goes unnoticed is your roof.

If you’re unsure whether you need to invest in a commercial roof replacement, continue reading. You’ll learn about the most common signs you need a new roof.

1. Your Roof is Past Its Lifespan

You may be surprised to find that roofs can “expire.” Depending on the material and quality of your roof, it will experience wear and tear.

Different materials are more durable than others. However, the craftsmanship of the construction crew and the weather in your area can impact how long your roof lasts. With these factors in mind, you can expect a wide time range for different materials.

For example, asphalt roofing, a standard option for many commercial roofs, will last anywhere from fifteen to thirty years. Metal can last up to seventy years, while a thermoplastic olefin roof has a lifespan between twenty and thirty years.

If your roof sustains considerable wear from extreme weather and is nearing the end of its life expectancy, you can anticipate a new commercial roof in the coming years.

2. You Notice Bubbling and Blistering on the Surface

If you have access and can safely get to your roof, you’ll want to take the time to inspect the surface.

You may notice that your roof doesn’t look right. If you detect blisters or bubbling on the surface, or your shingles are bucking, this is one of the most imminent signs you need a new roof.

When you notice bubbles or blisters on your roof, this indicates you have moisture trapped underneath. These can lead to extensive damage, mold, and leaks, so fixing a commercial roof when you notice these issues is crucial.

There is also a misconception that this can only occur in specific types of roofs. However, any material can succumb to this roofing issue, so frequently checking on the state of your roof is crucial.

3. There’s an Increase in Your Energy Bill

If you’ve been in your building for years, you likely have an idea of what your utility bill will look like every month. It may be more expensive during the summer if you crank the air conditioning and in the winter if your turn the heat up.

However, if you’re energy bill is much higher than usual, it could be a sign that your roof is on its way out.

When your roof suffers wear and tear, it can’t retain heat as well as it used to. Similarly, if there are cracks and damage, air can escape. This means your HVAC will need to kick into overdrive to compensate for the escaping air.

Not only does this indicate that your roof is damaged, but working your HVAC unit to compensate will put stress on the appliance. Running your system on overdrive will only damage your unit, resulting in even more money funneled into repairs.

4. The Ceilings Are Littered With Water Stains

As a business owner or building manager, you take pride in the appearance of your commercial location. Regular cleanings, a practical organizational system, and comfortable space for customers and clients are essential.

However, if the ceilings inside the building are covered in unsightly brown stains, you likely have leaks on your roof.

Leaks in roofs are caused by damaged sealant or membrane. When you notice stains on your ceiling, it’s essential that you call a commercial roofing repair company.

Though you may think you can hold off until water starts leaking out of the ceiling, this is a massive mistake. Not only can the water causes further damage, but it will be much more expensive to remedy. Fixing the issue as soon as you notice can save you money and frustration.

5. You Notice Musty Smells

As previously mentioned, you likely take a lot of pride in your commercial location. However, if you walk into the building and notice a dirty, musty smell, it can indicate that you have mold growing in your building.

If you haven’t already checked for bubbling, you’ll want to take a look. A moldy smell and bubbling mean that you’ll be replacing a commercial roof in the coming weeks.

However, a smell without bubbling can still pose a problem. Mold caused by a leaky roof can pose serious health issues for you and your workers. Gutting the roof and installing a new structure can help keep you safe and healthy.

Similarly, if you notice a musty smell and the presence of insects, it could point to a standing water issue somewhere on your roof. If left for too long, standing water can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Sings a Commercial Roof Replacement is in Your Future

Though the cost of a new roof might leave you wondering if you can push it off, you’ll need to weigh your options. If you don’t fix your roof, it could further deteriorate and affect the interior. This will cost you more in the long run.

If you’re ready for a commercial roof replacement thanks to this guide, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more essential business tips and tricks to help you and your business succeed.

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