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The main reason businesses are turning to Instagram as a marketing tool is that users there are 10 times more likely to interact with a brand than on any other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is a terrific tool for reaching new customers and expanding your brand online, but you might need to optimize your profile to reach at top of the searches. It makes no difference if you are a brand or an individual looking to increase your Instagram follower’s optimization is necessary. So, let’s look at how to optimize your Instagram account.

1) Use a Business Account

What makes a business account more relevant than a personal account for optimization? You may enhance your Instagram profile with the help of the numerous extra features available for business accounts. Users of business accounts have access to analytics tools that may be used to gauge the efficiency of their posts and the growth of their following. Currently, there are at least 25 million businesses on Instagram, and almost all choose to create business accounts since they can instantly boost their profiles. Call-to-action features are also available for business accounts, and you can add your contact details, email address, and even office hours. Social media marketers have excellent options with an Instagram business account that they may use to enhance their Instagram presence.

2) Restructure your profile

The Instagram profile photo will be the first thing we discuss because it will give people the first impression of your profile, and it needs to be relevant. If you are a brand, use your company’s logo as your profile image to make it instantly recognized. If you are an influencer or blogger, use a photo of yourself to add a personal touch. You can also add a few relevant keywords to your handle and display name. This will improve your account and help it appear at the top search results. For instance, if you are a food blogger, try to include the food-related Keyword in your bio or name. The proper placement of keywords on your Instagram page is essential for account optimization.

3) Make a Content Calendar

Are you one of those people who post videos and photos without thought? Consequently, you must be losing out on many likes and following. You can also buy instagram likes.  It is a widely known fact that there is a specific time when you should post to receive greater engagement from your audience, but how can you manage your content in accordance with this data? You can create a planned post order for the content so that your profiles present a comprehensible brand narrative. A content calendar can be very beneficial in this scenario because it allows you to arrange your content and the time you want to upload it. You can plan your posts to go live at times when your audience is more likely to be engaged and active.

4) Use Hashtags

Since not everyone is a well-known superstar with a thousand followers who apparently don’t need hashtags, but using hashtags will help you improve your account if you have hundreds of followers. You no longer need to add 5–10 hashtags to a post mindlessly. However, you must consider how relevant those hashtags are before posting. Nonetheless, utilizing hashtags while posting because doing so increases engagement by 12.6% compared to not using them according to research. Keep an eye on the hashtags that receive the most attention as well. This will enable you to adjust your content appropriately.

5) Reels are a must

Users can now create a 30- to 60-second vertically short video using one of Instagram’s newest features called reels. Reels can be a very effective tool for raising brand awareness. Your content will benefit from getting onto the explore page and reaching a larger audience, which will help you optimize your profile. Instagram intentionally highlights reels because it is a new addition. Use current audio trends, relevant hashtags, and your touch, and frequently post to be consistent to make your reels famous.

6) Write Keyword oriented Captions.

Instagram explore page algorithms use a framework that learns what a keyword represents and accordingly presents the content you like watching and reading. These algorithms select the content based on your choices by using keywords in bios, usernames, and captions. Writing captions with keywords will help you appear on the explore page and connect with the right consumers. Instagram examines the keywords in your post captions to determine which subject areas can be relevant to the audiences.

7) Use Instagram Analytics Solution

To determine if your marketing approach is practical or not, it is essential to invest in a robust analytics solution. Although Instagram business accounts offer helpful insights, a third-party analytical solution can give you access to otherwise inaccessible information. You can use it to determine how well your tracking link from your Instagram bio to your submitted post performed. It will also assist in determining the precise posting time to boost engagement. You must spend money on a reliable analytical instrument to make your profile Instagram-friendly.

8) Add Location Tag

Location will be crucial if you want people to find you when they search on Instagram. Your posts will then be visible to the audience interested in the location you’ve tagged, and you might also reach a new audience through it.

To get more traffic to their websites, many people work to improve their Instagram profiles. Since the majority of Instagram users will be accessing your website from a mobile device, they must link to the mobile-optimized version of the website. If not properly optimized, it could give a wrong first impression, discouraging them from becoming loyal consumers. According to the study, loading shouldn’t take more than three seconds. Therefore, optimize your website since it could negatively impact the number of Instagram followers you have.


It can be tough and time-consuming to create an Instagram profile that is fully optimized. You will require a well-planned strategy that you can review and modify based on the audience’s responses. Optimizing your account allows you to expand your business’s audience and target customers you hadn’t previously considered.

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