How Did Seo Jin’s Dad Die in the Penthouse

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How did Seo Jin’s father die in the penthouse?” is a Korean drama that is based on the real life events of the hera palace. This show follows the children as they have made to watch the live stream of their parents tortured and killed. However, a shocking scene is yet to come in this drama. Let’s take a look at the shocking incident that happens in episode 13 of “Penthouse.”

Mysterious Killer

The plot of “How did Seo Jin’s dad die in the penthouse?” is a complicated mystery. The episode opens with the emergence of a mysterious killer, Oh Yoon Hee. This murderer is revealed to be a drunken and unrestrained mother. The killer’s motive is not revealed but is a result of alcohol. Regardless of the motivation behind the killing, the murderer’s motives remain unrevealed.

Father’s Fake illness To Escape

As the mother of a son, Seo Jin grew up with his parents. When he was a teenager, he became infatuated with his daughter and was desperate to protect her. She was able to use her father’s fake illness to escape from a trial and hide his past. In order to protect her daughter, Seo Jin killed her father, and his mother, Eun Byeol, who was his childhood sweetheart, was left behind.

Knocked Unconscious by Seo Jin

In the second season of “Penthouse”, Ha Yoon Chul is left blind after being knocked unconscious by Seo Jin. In episode 13, he reunited with his father and he reveals that his father was the one who killed him. This is the most tragic thing that can happen in a love triangle. Hopefully, the writer of the drama will make it so in the future!

Most Dramatic Part Of The Season

The final episode of Penthouse reveals that Cheong Seo Jin’s father was a drug addict who was causing his daughter to fall in the water. She then took her sister into custody and tried to kill her father in order to keep a Foundation from being handed over to her sister. This shocking scene has the viewers wondering: how did this happen? A twist that is sure to make your jaw drop is the most dramatic part of the season.

Ownership to Her Sister

The episode focuses on the murder of the father of Seo Jin’s father. In the last episode, Seo Jin accidentally killed her father while trying to stop the transfer of the Foundation’s ownership to her sister. In the second episode, she tried to save the Foundation from her mother by smothering her father and the killer. Later, she reveals that she killed her father in order to keep it from being transferred.

The Second Episode Focuses

The second episode focuses on the murder of her father. She was attempting to keep her father from passing on his Foundation to her sister. In the first episode, she accidentally stabbed him, causing the man to fall. Afterwards, she tried to take her own life in order to protect her father from being killed. During this episode, she was caught. Luckily, she was able to save her father.

Shocking Scene

In the first episode, she sees her mother cradling her dead father, and runs away from the scene as she is killed in the episode. The whole scene was filmed in a phone. It was also revealed that Logan had  present when the bombing took place. As he escaped, Seo Jin’s father’s death was the talk of Hera Palace.

She Is Blinded

After seeing how Seo Jin saved his father, she becomes a devoted daughter. In episode 13, she accidentally pushes her father off a balcony and causes him to die. The two then fight and she is blinded. The next episode ends with the murder of her father’s friend. The police arrive to arrest Seo-jin but she refuses to call the cops. The next episode is also about how Seo Jin’s dad died.

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