4 Incredible Alternatives to Landline Telephone

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Teenagers today are unlikely to comprehend the world of rotary dial phones. It’s difficult to describe how you had to memorize a phone number before dialing it by rotating a circle back and forth. Fortunately, those phones are no longer present. However, the traditional landline is still in use.

Is there a purpose to having a landline now that technology has made mobility much easier? According to a recent survey, only 40% of American adults and 30% of children have access to a landline phone at home. If you’re one of that 40% of Americans, you’ve probably wondered if you should ditch your landline.

Owning a landline once had one significant benefit: when you phoned 911, they could pinpoint your exact location. But this shouldn’t hold you back if you plan to discard your landline phone. Smartphone technology nowadays can even locate a fly on a donkey’s snout.

Here are various options you can consider before cutting the cord.

Magic Jack

This is a tiny device that connects to your computer’s USB port. You can make cheap phone calls by plugging a conventional phone jack into the opposite end of the Magic Jack. The device allows you to make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada. The only catch is that you must have a strong internet connection to use it; otherwise, you may encounter a lot of dropped calls.

Smartphone applications

Smartphone apps like WhatsApp allow you to make free phone calls to anyone. And the best part? It is much more user-friendly than Skype, FaceTime, and other similar apps.

Voice Over Internet Protocol 

VoIP is an internet-based communication system that handles incoming and outgoing calls in the same way as landlines. VoIP systems perform the same functions as landlines with a few key exceptions.

VoIP phones, unlike landlines, connect to the internet via wireless or Ethernet wires. You can use a landline phone as VoIP by integrating it with an adapter. “Softphones” are software applications that allow computers to make and receive calls over a VoIP connection.

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

If you don’t want to keep your landline, you can still use your old analog phone through the internet. Only an analog adaptor is required. There are a variety of adapters available with the requisite FXS connectors to connect your old phone to the internet. They’re also compatible with a variety of major VoIP providers.

Bottom Line

If you’re satisfied with your landline service – if it’s dependable and affordable – there’s every reason not to keep it. However, if you rarely use your landline and only keep it because of habit, you can definitely live without it. You can probably find a cheaper connection solution without losing quality or reliability without losing quality or reliability.


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