What Are the Different Types of Programming Languages?

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Programming languages can be tough to wrap your head around. The average person probably doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of a particular language. But an understanding of what they do and how they work can help make you a better communicator.

Below, we look at some of the most complex or interesting languages. Read on to discover our breakdown of the most popular types of programming languages!

System Programming

They design the system programming languages to support the development of system software. These languages are typically lower-level than application programming languages.

They are not used to develop applications for end users. Instead, they use this to develop software that provides services to other applications.

It can also be used for performing low-level tasks. This includes managing memory or operating system development.

Common system programming languages include C, C++, and Assembly.

Application Programming

Application programming creates software for a specific application. It is usually more specific and stricter than general-purpose programming languages. They must stick to the application’s specific requirements.

Common application programming languages that have clean code include C++, Java, and Python.

Fourth-Generation Languages (4GL)

Developers use fourth-generation programming languages (4GL) to create databases and web-based applications. They are higher-level languages that use syntax that is closer to human language. This makes them easier to learn and use.

4GLs are not for general-purpose programming. You can typically use them for specific tasks, such as report generation. They can create very specialized business applications.

Markup Languages

There are dozens of programming languages, but only a few are markup languages. The most popular markup language is HTML. Other markup languages include XML and SGML.

These languages can create websites and web applications.


A programmer uses scripting languages to automate tasks or create web applications. These languages are usually interpreted and you do not need to compile them before you run the app.

Some popular scripting languages include Perl, Python, and Ruby.


The most popular types are object-oriented programming languages. These languages allow developers to create objects that can interact with each other. This makes it easier to create complex applications.

Some popular object-oriented programming languages include Java, Python, and Ruby.

The Best Types of Programming Languages For Your Needs

There are dozens of programming languages in existence, each with its own specific uses. The best for your project will depend on your budget and the types of software programs you are creating.

Another huge factor is your developer team’s skill set. If you have none, as a small business owner, it is best to hire a computer programmer. They have the experience in the languages you need for your project.

Selecting the Right Language for Success

There are different types of programming languages suited for different purposes. Selecting the right language for a project is crucial to its success.

When choosing a language, it is important to consider the purpose of the application. Some languages are better for more complex applications, while others are more suited for more simplistic applications.

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